October 2008 Real Estate Management, Real Estate Consulting, Financial Planning
February 2011 Founded Windgate Inc.
Takeshi Ozaki, working for a show biz production company at the time, became partners with Benjamin Gross who was working as a lifestyle planner, real estate investment consultant, and interior designer while providing songs to game companies.
They started a real estate company in the name of “The Lifestyle Company”, smoothly blending real estate with beautiful interiors, cultures, as well as music.
Takeshi Ozaki became the CEO and Benjamin Gross became the Vice President.
March 2011 After the Tohoku earthquake, the two start considering real estate in Germany as they realized the importance as well as the necessity to own a real estate outside of Japan.
Registered the company as a house agent.
Start business as a mediator for real estate inside Japan.
Developed its business based in Shibuya ward.
September 2011 Start managing EMERGENZA JAPAN as a Corporate Social Responsibility project
December 2011 Registered as Real Estate Investment Consulting Operations
January 2012 Founded Windgate Germany (Berlin)
Started real estate investment consulting and received qualification for German real estate trading
December 2012 Moved to 1-9-1 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
June 2015 Registered the company as the Private Citizens Aid For Moving In in Shibuya-ku
August 2015 CSR Department: ninja beats from Japan became #1 in the world at the Emergenza Festival
October 2015 Registered as Rental House Management Company