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Privacy Policy

achieve the purpose of use in 1 above.
Implementation of contract management and post-contract management / after-sales service, etc. in 1 above.
Information on 1 above, sales activities and marketing activities for providing services.
Identity verification and credit check in applications / contracts related to 1 above.
Customer trend analysis and product development research analysis related to our business.
Preparation of books based on Article 49 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law and storage as materials.
2. Disclosure / provision to third parties in the real estate business
The Company may provide your personal information and personal data held by us to the following third parties only to the extent necessary to promote our business and achieve the purpose of use, in addition to cases based on the regulations of laws and regulations. There is.
If there is a request from the person himself / herself, disclosure / provision will be suspended.
(Third party) Real estate sales, exchange, leasing, brokerage, management
And those who are the counterparties to contracts regarding transactions incidental to them, and those who are expected to do so.
Other real estate brokers.
Advertising publishers, real estate business associations, designated distribution organizations.
Business consignors, real estate management companies and businesses that carry out their related business.
A third party required to achieve the purpose of use.
3. Purpose of use of personal information in the music event business
The Company will use the personal information of our customers and the personal data that we hold in connection with the performance of our business only for the following purposes.
(Purpose) Management of music events.
The Company will not disclose or provide it to a third party even within the scope necessary to promote and achieve the above purpose of use.

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